A Dude named Jesus.

February 20, 2009 at 7:29 pm (slam) (, , , , , )

No need of an abacus
There’s only one Jesus

He’s not like us
It’s obvious
He’s religious
And famous

Join us
He’s not dangerous
But don’t be too curious
Just focus

We’re no genius
Just generous
If we’re numerous
Maybe we’ll get a bonus

Everyone in census
Sing in chorus
It’s not marvellous
It’s ridiculous

It is infectious
To be homogeneous
People are oblivious
Supposedly conscientious

Their numbers are tremendous
There is concensus
Seems like a circus
With their syllabus

I was dubious
But then it became conspicuous
They are hazardous
And can be ferocious

This is disastrous
Rather than glorious

Some say miraculous
I think it’s bogus
Not very luminous
Certainly not spurious

The dude’s name is Jesus
Started a fetus
I am suspicious
Could he be fictitious?

I am contentious
I am outrageous
I am no modulus
Rather ominous

My words are innocuous
Could be hilarious
They are blasphemous
But not injurious


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