February 28, 2009 at 4:49 pm (slam) (, , , , , )

You tried to attend
And spend
Every weekend
On the godsend

You tried the garland
And the armband
But that’s no broadband
To the promise land

I am the Chief
Of disbelief
I won’t be brief
Cause I am no thief

You are a sheep
You need a beep
Cause you are deep

At first you won’t agree
But then you will see
To what degree
You are free.

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A guy named Hurry!

February 14, 2009 at 11:19 am (slam) (, , , , , )

Wats up Hurry?
Feeling Hungry?
How’s the curry?
Any gurry?!

Do not hurry
Do not scurry
Your stomach might go knurry

Feeling blurry?
Feeling fuzzy?
Don’t try slurry
Smell some spurry!

You’re just like Henry
Not very cheerry
You like Saury
Served with sherry!

Try the armoury
Or the treasury
No hagberry
Try almonry

I’ve got no money
So I write poetry
I need surgery
Coz im not brainy
Like Mercury

How’s the nursery?
I hate that urinary
It’s just like urry
very unmerry!

I am weary
And this is bawdry
But it’s very funny

I am sorry
I’ve got to whurry.

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